Setting up a Network Session

Network Session is a common way to send and receive MIDI data between iOS apps or an iOS device and a computer DAW. This guide shows how to set up a Network Session.

1. Connect the phone to the computer

Plug the device into the computer via a USB cable and have the device and computer join the same WiFi network.

2. Open Audio MIDI Setup

Audio MIDI Setup application icon.

Audio MIDI Setup is an application on the Mac located in Applications > Utilities.

Find it and open it.

3. Open the Network Window

Locate the Network icon (scroll around if there are a lot of MIDI devices) and double-click it.

Audio Midi Studio screenshot.

4. Create a Network Session

This opens the MIDI Network Setup window that creates sessions, discovers devices, and monitors MIDI messages. This is the window that is used the most when establishing a MIDI connection.

Screenshot of inactive Network window.

If there are no sessions in My Sessions, click on the + button to add a new session.

The default session name is "Session 1."

If Session 1 is already in My Sessions, make sure that its checkbox is clicked.

Also make sure these settings are set:

The window should now look like this:

Screenshot of active Network window.

5. Open Refraktions

Go to the device and launch Refraktions.

Go to the computer and the device's name will appear in Directory.

Screenshot of Network window with device in directory.

6. Connect

Highlight the device name and press the connect button.

If the connection is successful, this will appear in Refraktions:

Screenshot of Refraktions when a MIDI connection is established.

The MIDI Network Setup window will display this:

Screenshot of Network window with active connection.

7. Set MIDI Destination

Return to Refraktions and open the Settings Panel.

Go to Global MIDI Routing > MIDI Destinations.

MIDI global routing

Select either Omni or Network Session 1.

MIDI global destinations

8. Set up other iOS app / DAW.

In the other iOS app or DAW, set the MIDI source to Network Session 1 and it will be able to receive MIDI notes from Refraktions. Tap the Refraktions screen and it will be playing the sounds in your other iOS app or DAW.


If there is trouble creating a connection, try the following: