Refrakions on iPhone Refrakions on iPhone

Generative sequencer with artificial intelligence

Quickly create new, ever-evolving compositions. Play the internal ambient sounds or send MIDI to control iOS apps, DAW synths, or outboard and modular gear. Generate MIDI arrangments for studio ideas or control a bank of synths during a live show, freeing you up to focus on other gear.

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Generative Compositions

Refraktions creates sequences based on your screen taps and evolves indefinitely. More taps steer the composition or the app can be left alone to create on its own song.

Artificial Intelligence

The internal AI remembers and learns your the instruments, pitches, and compositions you prefer. The memory persists between app launches and the more you use the app, the more it morphs to your style.

Versatile Integration

Refraktions has integrated MIDI, Audiobus, AUM, and Ableton Link to give you more control and compatibility in a wide range of studio and live settings.

Ableton Link

More videos on the Refraktions YouTube Playlist.


Refraktions has the best algorithms. It allows you to be more hands-on with how the composition evolves, and it's A.I. learns over time what your choices tend to be in order to influence the algorithm. You can control the progression of how the composition evolves with the large jog shuttle dial, and you can easily control the tempo while playing it.

Refraktions' MIDI out implementation is very clear and easy to configure in a variety of ways and arrangements if you want to record the MIDI compositions externally, then change and use your own synths after the fact.

Add to all that it's very easy to figure out and use. The use itself is very simple, but allows for more of your own expression and influence. The end result feels more like something you had a hand in creating, rather than simply pushing a few buttons with instant nice soundscapes. That's why I'm a fan of this app in particular.

-Skip Hunt

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  • 48 voice polyphony
  • 8 instruments
  • 1 output port


  • 16 channel
  • Per instrument MIDI Out
  • Note on / off
  • Song start / stop
  • Send / receive MIDI clock


  • 16 steps per measure
  • 8 measures per loop


  • 16 preset musical scales
  • 1 customizable scale
  • Changeable root key

Integrated technologies

  • Ableton Link
  • Audiobus
  • AUM
  • MIDI


  • Tempo controller
  • Sequencer jog wheel
  • Text display
  • MIDI indication light
  • Instrument activity meters
  • Audio mixer overload light
  • Add / remove sounds per instrument
  • Reset entire composition


  • 20-999 bpm


User's Manual

For details on how to use and customize the app, see the User's Manual.